Shirt Basics

Finding The Perfect Shirt :

Finding anything perfect is always a challenge. Fortunately, we have a quick guide for you to find your prefect shirt. You must have realised by now that the most important element of your shirt is the FIT. That's where we'll make a beginning and explain how Nord51 shirts are cut.


We went American on this one. I must confess that while London was, is and contributes to be the inspiration, across the Atlantic was the perfect FIT that we chanced upon. Nord51 offers two types of fits.

Regular Fit:

With extra room across the chest, waist and hips, our comfort fits come with long tails and without as well. Some of our shirts come with a roll up tab to make sure you roll your sleeves up in style.

Semi-Slim Fit:

Cut to fit your body well, our semi-slim shirts are more tapered than out comfort fit shirts. What's more is that you don't have to be particularly well-toned to choose this fit. Just remember that if you normally wear a certain size in comfort fit, its best to choose a semi-slim in the next higher size. For e.g. if you normally wear an M/40 in comfort fit, choose M/42 in semi-slim the first time you order.

Collars :

Ever wondered why some shirts enhance your features and make you look more distinguished compared to others? Could it be that the collars are cut differently? Collars come in all shapes and sizes. We decode a few for you here.

Point Collars:

These sit between the regular collar and a long point collar. Usually go well with business casual as well as formal shirts with or without a tie. Understandably these are very versatile. Our Nomad Shirts sport them.

Semi Cut-away Collars:

These are collars that flatter narrower and longer faces. Go with or without a tie. Nord51 offers this in The Cut collection.

Button Down Collars:

This one is old-school. traditionally, button downs are considered casual.

Cuffs :

Without getting too technical about it, there are essentially three types of cuffs that man should know about.

Plain Cuffs:

Plain cuffs don't require cufflinks and come with a single button on the cuff and a small chisel where the heel of your hand cocks back.

Barrel Cuffs:

These are exactly what their name suggests; barrel-like with no cufflinks and can be single or double buttons.

French Cuffs:

French cuffs are those that you put cufflinks on. Now many people believe that wearing cufflinks is a bit stodgy and old-school. Not true. They are actually quite the accessory for jeans and every day wear.

Fabric :

Nord51 uses 100% natural fibre in its shirts. not only do these allow for better perspiration, they look much better than cotton blend shirts. You will find many types of fabric in market. Enough to make your head reel with all the information. Stick to the list below and you should have it easier.


Solid colours and quintessentially formal, they're available in a wide range of colours. Choose these shirts if you know you are going to be in for a warm climate.


Has weaves that are slightly raised giving amore textured look and making the shirt more durable and less wrinkle-prone.


A distinct weave that forms diagonal parallel patterns on the fabric. Twead and denim are the most commonly seen twill weaves. Did you know that some of the twills have distinguished names like "Cavalry Twill"? That's it. I'm sold on it.


Originally a French word called cambrai in northern France,the Americans modified the word to make it sound the way it does today. Asofter version of a linen shirts, it is ideal for hot weather and for those who like a slightly casual look..

Buttons :

Inspect the quality of the buttons to know the quality of shirts. Fine quality shirt-makers will always use thicker buttons and not cheap plastic buttons that almost always break in half when you put the shirt in the wash. Nord51 buttons are thick and also have the gauntlet button (the one between the wrist and the elbow) that allows you to roll your sleeves up smartly.